Fiqh-us-Sunnah Volume 3, Zakaat and Fasting, Fiqh 3.062.

Section : The owner who lacks self-sufficiency.

One whose possessions reach a nisab but are still insufficient for his needs, due to the size of his family or the high cost of living, will be considered well-off and subject to zakah. He is also considered poor because his possessions are not enough for his needs. As such, he should also be given zakah. AnNawawi says that one who possesses a piece of real estate but does not have enough income to meet his needs should be considered poor and eligible for that amount of zakah which would satisfy his needs. In this way, he would not have to sell his real estate. Al-Mughni mentions that al-Maymum said: “I had a talk with Abu ‘Abdullah, Ahmad ibn Hanbal and I said: ‘A man may possess camels and sheep on which zakah is due and be considered poor. He may possess forty sheep or even a landed estate (day’ah), not enough for his needs. Would he be allowed to receive alms?’ He answered: ‘Yes, because he does not possess what is sufficient for him and he is not able to earn what he needs. In that case, he is permitted to receive zakah, if what he possesses does not qualify for zakah.’ “

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