Fiqh-us-Sunnah Volume 2, Supererogatory Prayer, Fiqh 2.040.

Section : The Prostration During the Qur’anic Recitation.

Whoever recites an “‘ayyah of prostration (sajdah)” or hears an “‘ayyah of prostration” should preferably pronounce the takbir and prostrate and then make the takbir again and rise from the prostration. This is called “the prostration of recital.” There is no tashahud or taslim with the sajdah. Naf’i relates that Ibn ‘Umar said: “The Prophet would recite the Qur’an to us and when he came to an ”ayyah of sajdah’ he would make the takbir and go into sajdah and we would make the sajdah.” This is related by Abu Dawud, al-Baihaqi, and al-Hakim. The later holds it to be sahih according to al-Bukhari’s and Muslim’s criteria. Abu Dawud says: “Abdurrazzaq said: ‘At-Thauri was amazed by that hadith.’ He was amazed by it because it mentions the takbir.” ‘Abdullah ibn Mas’ud said: “If you read an ‘ayyah of sajdah’, then make the takbir and prostrate. And when you raise your head, make the takbir.”