Fiqh-us-Sunnah Volume 1, Purification and Prayer, Fiqh 1.140B.

Section : Sunnah acts of prayer, The Recitation in the Sunset Prayer.

The Prophet would recite different surahs in the sunset prayer on different days. Sometimes he would recite al-A’raf in the two rak’ahs and sometimes at-Tur or al-Mursilat. Says Abu ‘Umar ibn ‘Abdul-Barr, “It is related that the Prophet, upon whom be peace, recited al-A’raf or as-Saffat or Ha-Mim Dukhan or al-A’la or at-Tin or the last two surahs of al-Mufassil. All of that is related through authentic chains. ” Marwan ibn al-Hakim used to do this, and when Zaid ibn Thabit objected to it he said, “What is wrong with you that you always recite one of the short surahs from al-Mufassil during the sunset prayer? I have seen the Prophet, upon whom be peace, reciting a long chapter therein.” Marwan asked, “And what is a long chapter?” He answered, “Al-A’raf.” This hadith is sahih. Abu Dawud, an-Nasa’i, Ibn Majah and at-Tirmizhi related it. An-Nasa’i records that ‘Aishah said, “The Prophet, upon whom be peace, read al-A’raf during the sunset prayer and he divided it between the two rak’ahs.” To always recite a short surah from al-Mufassil is an act that differs from the sunnah, and this is what Marwan ibn al-Hakim did.

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