Authentic Supplication Number 253.

It is reported that Ibn ‘Umar  said: Rarely would the Messenger of Allah  get up from a seated gathering till he would supplicate with the following petition for his companions:”‘Allahumma ‘aqsim lana min khashyatika ma tahoolu bihi baynana wa bayna ma’aseeka, wa min ta’a, wa min ta’atika ma tuballighuna bihi jannataka, wa minal yaqeeni ma tuhawwinu bihi ‘alayna masa’ibad-dunya, ‘allahumma matti’na bi’asma’ina, wa ‘absarina, wa quwwatina ma ‘ahyaytana, waj’ak hul-waritha minna, waj’al tha’rana ‘alamen thalamana, wansurna ‘ala men, ‘adana, wa la taj’al museebatana fee deenina, wa la taj’alid-dunya ‘akbara hammina, wa la mablagha ‘ilmina, wa la tusallit ‘alayna men la yarhamuna” (256).

(256) O’ my ‘ilah part for us fear of You which You cause to come between us and the acts of disobedience to You, obedience to You through which You deliver us to your Garden, and of surety with which You make the calamities of the World easy for us to bear. O’ my ‘ilah grant us joy in our hearing, our sight, and our strength so long as You keep us alive, and make them of the things we leave behind at death [meaning keep them well till we die], and make our retaliation to be upon those that have transgressed upon us, and cause us victory over those that have made us their enemies, and do not let our calamity be in our faith, and do not make the world the biggest of our concerns, nor the limit of our knowledge, and do not empower over us who will not have mercy upon us.

At-Tirmithi said it was comely, and Al-Albani agreed. Al-Albani said that it was also reported by Ibn As-Sunni (#440), Al-Hakim (528/1) who said it was sound according to the conditions of Al-Bukhari, and that Al-Hakim agreed with him. Al-Albani included this hadeeth in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #180.