Authentic Supplication Number 232.

Abi Bakrata related by way of his father that a man was mentioned in the presence of the Prophet ; thereupon, a man praised him well. The Prophet , thus said “Woe to you, you have cut the neck of your friend. Whoever among you is, unavoidable, going to praise his brother then let him say: ‘Ahsabu , was ‘allahu haseebuhu, wa la ‘uzakkee `ala ‘allahi ‘ahadan, ‘ahsabuhu , if he knows that of him. (238)”

(238) I reckon , where Allah is his reckoner and I do not praise anyone over Allah’s praise of him, I reckon him to be as “such and as such”, if he knows that of him.

Al-Albani said that it was reported by ‘Ahmad, ‘Al-Bayhaqi, ‘Abu Dawood, and ‘Ibn Majah, and in his Saheeh Al-Jami` as-Sagheer wa Ziyadatih (#7140), he said it was sound.