Authentic Supplication Number 213.

Jabir  said: I came to the Prophet  concerning a debt that was due upon my father; thereupon, I knocked the door, and he, thus, said: Who is it? I said: [It’s] me! (227) He said: [It’s] me, [it’s] me, as if he hated it.

(227) That is he said: ‘Ana.

‘Al-Adawee said it was sound, and that it was reported by Al-Bukhari, page 14 of volume 11 of Fath Al-Baree’ Muslim, page 135 of volume 14; ‘Abu Dawood, page 374 of volume 5; ‘Ibn Majah, #3709; At-Tirmithi, page 491 of volume 7 of Tuhfah, and he said it is comely sound.