Authentic Supplication Number 208.

It is reported by way of a man who served the Prophet , that he used to hear the Prophet saying Bismillahi as he would bring food close to him, and when over with his meal he would say: Allahumma ‘at`amta, wa ‘asqayta, wa ‘aghnayta, wa ‘aqnayta, wa hadayta, wa ‘ahyayta, falakal hamdu `ala ma ‘a`tayta (224).

(224) O my ‘ilah You have fed, You have given to drink, You have enriched, You have pleased, You have guided, and You have livened, so for You is all praise for all that You have given.

Reported by An-Nisa’ee. Al-Albani said that Ibn As-Sunni (#459) also repoted it, and that it was of sound ascription. Al-Albani included this hadeeth in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #149.