Authentic Supplication Number 201.

‘Anas reported that the Prophet ¬†sacrificed two horned black and white wild sheep. He said: And I saw him slaughter them with his hand, placing his foot on their sides. He said: And he samma [to say Bismillah] and kabbara [to say ‘Allahu ‘akbaru].

‘Al-‘Adawee said it was sound and that it was reported by ‘Imam Muslim, page 120 of volume 13; ‘Abu dawood, page 230 volume 3; ‘Ibn Majah, #2120; ‘An-Nisa’ee, page 231 of volume 7; and At-Tirmithi, page 76 of volume 5 of Tuhfah. At-Tirmithi said it was comely.