Authentic Supplication Number 193.

A man came to the Prophet  and said: O’ Messenger of Allah! I want to go on a journey, so suppply me? So he said: Zawwadaka ‘allahu ‘attaqwa (205). He said: Supply me with more? He said: Waghafara thambaka (206). He said: Supply me with more? He said: Wa yassara laka ‘al-khayra haythuma kunta (207).

(205) May Allah supply you with piety.
(206) And may He forgive your sin.
(207) And may He make that which is Good easy for you wherever you may be.

At-Tirmithi said it was a strange comely hadeeth. Al-Albani agreed with At-Tirmithi, and said that so did Al-Hafith Ibn Hajar. Al-Albani included this hadeeth in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #136.

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