Authentic Supplication Number 179.

It is reported of`Aa’ishata  that she said: people complained to the Messenger of Allah  about lack of rain, so he ordered that a pulpit [or a platform] be placed for him in his place of prayer, and he promised the people a day when they would all come out and meet. So the Messenger of Allah  came out when the rim of the sun became apparent, he then sat on the pulpit, Magnified, and Praised Allah to Whom belongs Glory and Power, and then said: You have complained of the bareness of your land, and of the rainfall being past-due relative to its usual timing, and Allah Glory be to Him has commanded you to supplicate to Him, and He has promised you that he would grant you. He then said: “‘Al-hamdu lil-lahi rabbil `alameena (1). ‘Arrahmani ‘arraheemi (2). Maliki yawmiddeeni (3)” (193)

La ‘ilaha ‘illa ‘allahu, yaf`alu ma yureedu, ‘allahumma ‘anta ‘allahu la ‘ilaha ‘illa ‘anta ghaniyyu, wa nahnul fuqara’u, ‘anzil `alayna ‘al-ghaytha, waj`al ma ‘anzalta lana quwwatan wa balaghan ‘ila heenin (194).

Then he raised his hands, and kept them raised till the whiteness of his underarms became apparent. He, then, turned his back towards the people, and flipped or inverted his garment, and he was raising his hands, then he turned towards the people, descended and prayed [a prayer consisting of] two bows. Then Allah to Whom belongs Glory and Power formed a cloud; thunder and lightning then came out of it, then it rained by the leave of Allah The Exalted. He had not yet reached his mosque when streams were flowing. When he, then, noticed the speed of these streams in reaching the homes and buildings he  laughed that his molar teeth became visible. Then he said: I bear witness that Allah is well able of everything, and that I am His bondservant and Messenger.

(193) First three verses of Surat ‘Al-Fatihah (#1) in the meaning of: “All Praise be to Allah the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds (1). The All-Merciful The Mercy-Bestowing [upon his faithful bondservants] (2). Master of the Day of Judgement (3).”

(194) There is no ilah except Allah, He does what He wills, O my ilah You are The ilah, there is no ilah other than You, You are the One needless of others, and we are the needy, bring rain down upon us, and make what You will have brought down [a means of] strength and subsistence until some time.

Reported by Abu Dawood. Al-Albani said it was of comely ascription, that Abu Dawood said it was of good ascription and that Al-Hakim and Ath-Thahabi further reported this hadeeth and said it was sound. Al-Albani then pointed out that its ascription was just comely. Al-Albani included this hadeeth in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #125.