Authentic Supplication Number 163.

Um Khalid bin Sa`eed said: I came to the Messenger , my father was with me and I was wearing a yellow shirt. So the Messenger of Allah  said sanah sanah (183).

She said: So I set off playing with the seal of prophethood, thus my father prevented me. The Messenger of Allah  said leave her then the Messenger of Allah  said: ‘Ablee was ‘akhliqee, ‘Ablee was ‘akhliqee, ‘Ablee was ‘akhliqee (184). `Abdillah said it thus remained until he noticed it, meaning due to its having remained.

(183) ‘Al-Humaydi, page 188 of volume 7 of Fath said that sanah  means nice  in Ethiopian.
(184) Dr. Mohammed Muhsin Khan, in his translation of this supplication, stated it as follows: “May you live so long that you will wear out many garments.” This is a non literal translation.

Reported by Al-Bukhari page 425 of volume 10 of [Fath Al-Baree. ‘Al-`Adawee said it was sound.

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