Authentic Supplication Number 143.

Abu Addarda  said: the Messenger of Allah  stood up in prayer, then, we heard him say: ‘A`outhu bil-lahi minka (I seek refuge in Allah from you).

He then said: ‘Al`anuka bila`natil-lahi (I curse you with the curse of Allah) three times.

He then extended his hand as if he was reaching for something. When the prayer was over, we said to him: O’ Messenger of Allah! We heard you saying something in the prayer which we have not heard you say before. Then we saw you extend your hand. He said: The enemy of Allah Iblees came with a bright blaze of fire to put in my face. So I said ‘A`outhu bil-lahi minka – three times.

Then I said: I curse you with the perfect curse of Allah (‘Al`anuka bila`natil-lahi ‘attammeti – three times.

He did not move back, I then wanted to take him, and by Allah were it not for the supplication of our brother Sulayman [Prophet Solomon] he would have become all tied up, and game for the children of Madeenah.

Reported by Muslim, and is #109 in The Authentic of Good Sayings.