Authentic Supplication Number 140.

Allah the exalted has said:

“And say: Rabbi ‘`outhu bika min hamazatish-shayateeni, wa ‘a`outhu bika rabbi ‘ay-yahdhurooni.” (161). It is reported of the Prophet  that he used to say: ‘A`outhu bil lahi ‘as-samee`il-`aleemi minash-shaytanir-rajeemi, min hamzihi, wa naphkhihi, wa nafthihi (162).

Due to the statement of Allah: “And if [at any time] an incitement to discord is made to you by the shaytan then seek refuge in Allah He is the One who hears and knows all things” (163). And ‘Athan repels shaytan.

(161) And say “O’ my Lord! I seek refuge in You from the suggestions of the shayateen [plural of shaytan], And I seek refuge in You my Lord! that they come to me. [Come to me meaning in any of my affairs, and for this Allah has commanded us to mention Him iwhenever we start doing things. Meaning in order to expel the shaytan when eating, slaughtering, etc.] This was Surat ‘Al-Mu’minoon (#23) V.98-99.

(162) I seek refuge in Allah the Ever-Hearing, the Ever-Knowing from the despicable shaytan, from his diabolical possession [madness], from his instigation of pride, and from his erotic verses [poetry].

(163) Surat Fussilat (#41) V.36.

Al-Albani said it was sound. It has already been mentioned as #62. Al-Albani included this hadeeth in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #106.