Authentic Supplication Number 119.

Jabir bin `Abdillah said: The Messenger of Allah  was such that if he gave an address his eyes would redden, and his voice would become louder, and his anger would increase. So much so that he would be like the warner of an army saying: Sabbahakum wa massakum (139) and he would say: I have been sent, myself and the Hour like these two, and he would bring together his index and middle finger, and he would say: ‘Amma ba`d, fa’inna khayral hadeethi kitabullahi, wa khayral hadyi hadyi muhammadin, wa sharral ‘umoori muhdathatuha, wa kulla bid`atin dhalalah (140).

Then he would say I have greater right upon each believer than he has upon himself. Whoever has left wealth then it will be for his family, and whoever has left religion, or loss that is to me, and upon me.

Through another channel it is reported of Jabir bin `Abdillah that he said: The Prophet ‘s address on Friday was that he would praise Allah, and eulogize Him, then after that he would say – whereupon his voice would become louder – then he related the hadeeth.

From a third channel it is reported of Jabir bin `Abdillah that he said: The Prophet  would address the people, praise Allah, and eulogize him with what He is worthy of then he would say: Man yahdi ‘allahu fahuwa ‘al-muhtadee, wa man yudhlil fala hadiya lahu, wa khayra ‘al-hadeethi kitabullahi then he related the hadeeth to the likeness of the first.

(139) He has entered you upon morning, and He has entered you upon evening.
(140) As for what follows [effectively saying: To proceed], Verily the best of speech is the book of Allah, and the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad, and the worst of matters are the innovated ones, and every innovation is a stray going.

‘Al-‘Adawee said it was comely and that it was reported by Muslim, page 153 of volume 6; Ibn Majah, #45; ‘An-Nisa’i. page 188 of volume 3; and ‘Ahmad ,119, 371/3; and others.