Authentic Supplication Number 104.

‘Ammaru bin Yasirin  prayed a prayer (salat); however, it was short, so some of the people said to him: You made the salat very light – or very brief – He said: Oh! but that’s on me. You see I invoked Allah in my salat with a few invocations which I have heard from the Messenger of Allah , then when he got up to leave a man from among them followed him and asked him what the invocation was? So he said: ‘Allahumma bi`ilmikal-ghayba wa qudratika `alal-khalqi, ‘ahyinee ma `alimtal-hayata khayran lee, wa tawaffanee ‘itha `alimtal-wafata khayran lee, ‘allahumma ‘innee ‘as’aluka khashyataka fil-ghaybi wash-shahadati, wa ‘as’aluka kalimatal-haqqi firridha wal-ghadhabi, wa ‘as’aluka ‘al-qasda fil faqri wal ghina, wa ‘as’aluka na`eeman la yanfadu, wa ‘as’aluka qurrata `eynin la tanqati`u, wa ‘as’aluka arridha ba`dal qada’i, wa ‘as’aluka bardal `ayshi ba`dal mawti, wa ‘as’aluka lath-thatan-nathari ‘ila wajhika, wash-shawqa ‘ila liqa’ika fee ghayri dhrra’a mudhirratin, wa la fitnatin mudhillatin, ‘allahumma zayyinna bizeenatil-‘eemani waj`alna hudãtan mahtadeena (122).

(122) O’ my ‘ilah with your knowledge of the hidden, and your ability to create, keep me alive as long as life is good for me according to your knowledee, and take my soul back at the time in your Knowledge that death becomes better for me. O’ my ‘ilah I ask You that I fear You in secrecy and in the open. I ask You that I utter the word of Truth at times when I am satisfied and when I am angry, I ask You moderation at times of poverty and wealth, I ask You favors and delight that do not run out, I ask You consolation which does not desist, I ask You acceptance of what is decreed, I ask You cool living after death, I ask You the pleasure of looking at your Face, and a longing to meet You without damage that is harmful, and without a trying misfortune that takes me astray. O’ my ‘ilah decorate us with the ornaments of faith, and make us rightly guided guides [to the true religion].

Reported by An-Nisa’ee. Al-Albani said it was sound, and that so did Al-Hakim and Ath-Thahabi. It is #87 in The Authentic of Good Sayings.