Authentic Supplication Number 90.

‘Awf bin Malik said: I stood up in prayer with the Messenger of Allah , thus he stood up and read Surat (Al-Baqarah), not passing upon a verse of mercy except that he would stop and ask Allah, nor would he pass by a verse of torment except that he would stop and solicit Allah’s protection from it, he said [in continuation]: Then he bowed for as long as he stood, saying in his bow: Subhana thil jabarooti wal malakooti, wal kibriya’i wal `athamati (105). Then in his prostration he would say the same.

(105) I deem the One with Might, Kingdom, Majesty, and Magnificence to be free of all imperfection.

Reported by Abu Dawood, and An-Nisa`ee; and is #73 in The Authentic of Good Sayings.