Authentic Supplication Number 74.

It is reported by way of Jubair bin Mut’im that he saw the Messenger of Allah  praying a prayer, he said: ‘Allahu ‘akbaru kabeeran, wal-hamdu lil-lahi katheeran, wa subhana ‘allahi bukratan-wa ‘aseelan (thrice), ‘A `outhu bil-lahi min ‘ash-shaytanir-rajeemi, min naphkhihi, wa nafthihi, wa hamzihi (89).

(89) Allah is greater very great, all praise be to Allah many times, subhdna ‘allah early in the morning and of an evening [‘Asr to Maghrib time]. I seek protection in Allah from the despicable Shaytan, from his instigation of pride, his erotic verses [poetry], and from his diabolical possession [madness].

Reported by Abu Dawood, and Al-Albani said it was sound, and that it had many testimonials (supporting ahadeeth) whose reporters he traced in his Al-Manar (#335). This hadeeth is #62 in The Authentic of Good Sayings.

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