Authentic Supplication Number 22.

The Messenger of Allah ┬ásaid: “There is not a bondservant (40) who recites in the morning of every day, and in the evening of every night: Bismil-lahil-lathee la yadhurru ma`a ‘issmihi shay’un fil ‘ardhi wa la fissama’i wa huwa ‘as-samee`ul-`aleemu (41) three times, except that nothing would harm him”.

(40) The word `abd seems closest in meaning to the English word bondservant which means: A slave or a serf. A serf is 1. A slave… bound to the land and owned by a lord. 2. A person in servitude – source: American Heritage Dictionary, second college edition. When used in Arabic it could mean a human, a slave, or a worshipper of Allah, to name a few. Throughout this book we have used the words bondservant, and bondsman for the Arabic word ‘Abd, and bondwoman for the Arabic word ‘Amah.

(41) In the name of Allah with Whose name nothing in the Earth, nor in the Heavens can cause harm, and He is The Hearer, The Well-Knower.

Reported by At-Tirmithi by way of Abdillah bin Amru and said it was comely, and by way of Abi Hurayrata, excluding the last phrase that tells when to say the supplication, and he said it was comely-sound. Al-Albani said that even the first one was sound according to his conditions, and included in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #22.