Authentic Supplication Number 12.

It is reported by way of ‘um ‘al-mu’mineen Juwayriyata, that the Prophet left her place at an early time as he was about to pray the Subh Prayer. She was in her prayer area; he returned after he had entered upon the time of dhuha (13), and she was sitting. He said “Are you still in that state I left you upon?” She said: Yes. The Messenger of Allah ┬ásaid “After I left you, I repeated four phrases, three times. If these were balanced against what you have said since the beginning of this day they would weigh (or, as the Arabic allows, outweigh) them: Subhana ‘allahi `adada khalqihi, subhana ‘allahi ridha nafsihi, subhana ‘allahi zinata `arshihi, subhana ‘allahi midada kalimatihi (14).”

(13) Adh-dhuha refers to the time period after the Sun reveals itself and before noon. In this hadeeth it means that the Messenger  returned at a time after the Sun had risen.

(14) Glory be to Allah, the number of his creations, his self-contentment, the weight of his Throne, the ink of his words. Explanation: The one that says this is expressing a want to say: Subhana ‘allah (glory be to Allah) as many times as the creation of Allah is numerous, a number of times corresponding to his Self-Contentment, a number of times corresponding to the weight of Allah’s Throne, and as many times as it could be written with the ink necessary for writing the words of Allah [see Surat ‘Al-Kahf (#18) V.109]. Although one is not able to say Subhana ‘allah that many times, Allah rewards him as having done so due to his aspiration and desire of the same.

Reported by Muslim. Al-Albani included this hadeeth in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #12.