Abu Dawud Book 34, Hadith Number 4557.

Chapter : Bloodwit for an unborn child.

Narated By Abdullah ibn Abbas : About the story of Haml ibn Malik, Ibn Abbas said: She aborted a child who had grown hair and was dead, and the woman also died. He (the Prophet) gave judgment that the blood-wit was to be paid by the woman’s relatives on the father’s side. Her uncle said: Apostle of Allah! She has aborted a child who had grown hair. The father of the woman who had slain said: He is a liar: I swear by Allah, he did not raise his voice, or drink or eat. No compensation is to be paid for an offence like this. The Prophet (PBUH) said: is it a rhymed prose of pre-Islamic Arabia and its soothsaying? Pay a male or female slave of the best quality in compensation for the child.

Ibn ‘Abbas said: The name of one of them was Mulaikah, and the name of the other was Umm Ghutaif.