Abu Dawud Book 34, Hadith Number 4555.

Chapter : Bloodwit for an unborn child.

Narated By Umar ibn al-Khattab : Ibn Abbas said: Umar asked about the decision of the Prophet (PBUH) about that (i.e. abortion) Haml ibn Malik ibn an-Nabighah got up and said: I was between two women. One of them struck another with a rolling-pin killing both her and what was in her womb. So the Apostle of Allah (PBUH) gave judgment that the blood-wit for the unborn child should be a male or a female slave of the best quality and that she should be killed.

Abu Dawud said: Al-Nadr b. Shumail said: Mistal, means a rolling-pin.

Abu Dawud said: Abu ‘Ubaid said: Mista1 means a pole from the tent-poles.