Abu Dawud Book 31, Hadith Number 4276.

Chapter : Yellow dye.

Narated By Umm Salamah The Prophet peacebeuponhim said about the swallowing up of an army by the earth. I asked How will a man who comes against his will be swallowed up by the earth, Apostle of Allah He replied All will be swallowed up, but each will be raised according to his intention on the Day of Resurrection. : |Ali ibn Abu Talib|Abu Ishaq told that Ali looked at his son al-Hasan and said: This son of mine is a sayyid (chief) as named by the Prophet (PBUH), and from his loins will come forth a man who will be called by the name of your Prophet (PBUH) and resemble him in conduct but not in appearance. He then mentioned the story about his filling the earth with justice.