Abu Dawud Book 29, Hadith Number 4213.

Chapter : Signetring of iron.

Narated By ‘Ali : The Apostle of Allah (PBUH) said to me: Say: O Allah, guide me, and set me right. Remember by guidance (hidayah) the showing of the straight path, and remember by setting right (sidad) the setting right of an arrow. Then pointing to the middle finger and the one next to it, he said: He forbade me to wear a signet-ring on this finger of mine or on this (‘Asim was doubtful). He forbade me to wear qisiyyah and mathirah. Abu Burdah said: We asked ‘Ali: What is qisiyyah? He said: These are garments imported to us from Syria or Egypt. They are striped and marked like citrons. And mathirah are things made by woman for their husbands.