Abu Dawud Book 28, Hadith Number 4157.

Chapter : Adding false hair.

Narated By ‘Abd Allah b. Mas’ud : Allah has cursed the women who tattoos and the women who have themselves tattooed, the women who add false hair (according to the version of Muhammad b. Isa) and the women who plucks hair from their faces (according to the version of ‘Uthman). The agreed version then goes: the women who make spaces between teeth for beauty, changing what Allah has created. When a woman of Banu Asad called Umm Ya’qub, who read the Qur’an (according to the version of ‘Uthman) heard it, she came to him (according to the agreed version) and said: I have heard that you cursed the women who tattoo, those who have themselves tattooed, those who add false hair (according to the version of Muhammad), those who pluck hair from their faces, and those who make spaces between their teeth (according to the agreed version), for changing what Allah has created (according to the version of ‘Uthman). He said: Why should I not curse those whom the Apostle of Allah (PBUH) has cursed and those who were mentioned in Allah’s Book? She said: I have read it from cover to cover and have not found it. He then read: I swear by Allah, if you read it, you would have found it. He then read: What the Apostle has brought you accept, and what he has forbidden you refrain from it. She said: I find some of these things in your wife. He said: Enter (the house) and see. She said: I then entered (the house) and came out. He asked: What did you see? She said: I did not see (anything). He said: Had it been so, she would not have been with us. This is according to the version of ‘Uthman.