Abu Dawud Book 27, Hadith Number 4038.

Chapter : The view that disapproves of wearing silk.

Narated By Abu Rayhanah : Abu al-Husayn, al-Haytham ibn Shafi said: I and a companion of mine called Abu Amir, a man from al-Ma’afir went to perform prayer in Bayt al-Maqdis (Jerusalem). Their preacher was a man of Azd called Abu Rayhanah, who was a companion of the Prophet (PBUH).

Abu al-Husayn said: my companion went to the mosque before me. I went there after him and sat beside him. He asked me: Did you hear the preaching of AbuRayhanah? I said: No. He said: I heard him say: The Apostle of Allah (PBUH) forbade ten things: Sharpening the ends of the teeth, tattooing, plucking hair, men sleeping together without an under garment, women sleeping together without an under-garment, men putting silk at the hem of their garments like the Persians, or putting silk on their shoulders like the Persians, plundering, riding on panther skins, wearing signet rings, except in the case of one in authority.