Abu Dawud Book 27, Hadith Number 4013.

Chapter : Prayer for a man who puts on a new garment.

Narated By N/A : Umm Khalid, daughter of Sa’yd b. al-‘As, said: Once the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) was brought some garments among which was a small cloak with a. border and black stripes. He said: Whom do you think to be most deserving for it? The people kept silence. He said: Bring me Umm Khalid. Then she was carried to him and he put it on her, saying: Wear it out and make it ragged, twice. Then he went on looking at red or yellow marks on it, and said: This is sanah, sanah, Umm Khalid. It means “beautiful” in. the language of the Abyssinians.

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