Abu Dawud Book 20, Hadith Number 3687.

Chapter : Vessels of wine.

Narated By Ibn ‘Abbas : The deputation of ‘Abd al-Qais asked (the Prophet): From which (vessels) should we drink? He (the Prophet) replied: Do not drink from pumpkins, vessels smeared with pitch, and hollow stumps, and steep dates in skins. They asked: Apostle of Allah, if it ferments ? He replied: Infuse water in it. They asked: Apostle of Allah…” (repeating the same words). He replied to them third or fourth time: Pour it away. He then said: Allah has forbidden me, or he said : He has forbidden me wine, game of chance and kübah (drums). He said: Every intoxicant is unlawful. Sufyan said: I asked ‘Ali b. Badhimah about kubah. He replied: Drum.