Abu Dawud Book 13, Hadith Number 3064.

Chapter : Not known.

Narated By Qaylah bint Makhramah : Abdullah ibn Hasan al-Anbari said: My grandmothers, Safiyyah and Duhaybah, narrated to me, that hey were the daughters of Ulaybah and were nourished by Qaylah, daughter of Makhramah. She was the grandmother of their father.

She reported to them, saying: We came upon the Apostle of Allah (PBUH). My companion, Hurayth ibn Hassan, came to him as a delegate from Bakr ibn Wa’il. He took the oath of allegiance of Islam for himself and for his people.

He then said: Apostle of Allah (PBUH), write a document for us, giving us the land lying between us and Banu Tamim at ad-Dahna’ to the effect that not one of them will cross it in our direction except a traveller or a passer-by.

He said: Write down ad-Dahna’ for them, boy. When I saw that he passed orders to give it to him, I became anxious, for it was my native land and my home.

I said: Apostle of Allah, he did not ask you for a true border when he asked you. This land of Dahna’ is a place where the camels have their home, and it is a pasture for the sheep. The women of Banu Tamim and their children are beyond it.

He said: Stop, boy! A poor woman spoke the truth: a Muslim is a brother of a Muslim. Each one of them may benefit from water and trees, and they should cooperate with each other against Satan.