Abu Dawud Book 13, Hadith Number 3057.

Chapter : Not known.

Narated By Amr ibn Awf al-Muzani : The Prophet (PBUH) assigned as a fief to Bilal ibn Harith al-Muzani the mines of al-Qabaliyyah, both those which lay on the upper side those and which lay on the lower side. The narrator, Ibn an-Nadr, added: “also Jars and Dhat an-Nusub.” The agreed version reads: “and (the land) which is suitable for cultivation at Quds”. He did not assign to Bilal ibn al-Harith the right of any Muslim. The Prophet (PBUH) wrote a document to him:

“This is what the Apostle of Allah (PBUH) assigned to Bilal ibn al-Harith al-Muzani. He gave him the mines of al-Qabaliyyah both those which lay on the upper and lower side, and that which is fit for cultivation at Quds. He did not give him the right of any Muslim.”

The narrator AbuUways said: A similar tradition has been transmitted to me by Thawr ibn Zayd from Ikrimah on the authority of Ibn Abbas from the Prophet (PBUH). Ibn an-Nadr added: Ubayy ibn Ka’b wrote it.