Abu Dawud Book 12, Hadith Number 2917.

Chapter : Abrogation of inheritance by alliance by the command of inheritance of relationship.

Narated By Dawud b. al-Husain : I used to learn the reading of the Qur’an from Umm Sa’d, daughter of al-Rabi’. She was an orphan in the guardianship of Abu Bakr. I read the Qur’anic verse: “To those whom your right hand was pledged.” She said: Do not read the verse: “To those whom your right hand was pledged.” This was revealed about Abu Bakr and his son ‘Abd al-Rahman when he refused to accept Islam. Abu Bakr took an oath that he would not give him a share from inheritance. When he embraced Islam, Allah Most High commanded His Prophet (PBUH) to give him the share.

The narrator ‘Abd al-‘Aziz added: He did not accept Islam until he was urged on Islam by sword.

Abu Dawud said: He who narrated the word ‘aqadat means a pact; and he who narrated the word ‘aqadat meant the party who made the pact. The correct version is the tradition of Talhah (aqadat).