Abu Dawud Book 12, Hadith Number 2884.

Chapter : On the shares of children from inheritance.

Narated By Huzail b. Shurahbil al-Aswadi : A man came to Abu Musa al-Ash’ari and Salman b. Rabi’ah, and asked about a case where there were a daughter, a son’s daughter and a full sister. They replied: The daughter gets half and the full sister gets half. The son’s daughter gets nothing. Go to Ibn Mas’ud and you will find that he agrees with me. So the man came to him and informed him about their opinion. He said: I would then be in error and not those who are rightly guided. But I decide concerning the matter as the Apostle of Allah (PBUH) did: the daughter gets half, and the son’s daughter gets a share which complete two thirds (i.e. gets a sixth), and what remains goes to the full sister.

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