Abu Dawud Book 10, Hadith Number 2841.

Chapter : On game.

Narated By ‘Adi b. Hatim : I asked the Prophet (PBUH), and said: I set my trained dogs, and they catch (something) for me; may I eat (it)? He said: When you set off trained dogs and mention Allah’s name, eat what they catch for you. I said: Even if they killed (the game)? He said: Even if they killed (the game) so long as another dog does not join it. I said: I shoot with a featherless arrow, and it strikes the target; may I eat (it)? He said: If you shoot with a featherless arrow and mention the name of Allah, and it strikes the aim, and pierce it, eat it; and if it strikes with it middle, do not eat (it).

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