Abu Dawud Book 9, Hadith Number 2797.

Chapter : Disapproved sacrificial animals.

Narated By Utbah ibn ‘Abd al-Sulami : Yazid Dhu Misr said: I came to Utbah ibn ‘Abd al-Sulami and said: Abu al-Walid, I went out seeking sacrificial animals. I did not find anything which attracted me except an animal whose teeth have fallen. So I abominated it. What do you say (about it)? He said: Why did you not bring it to me? He said: Glory be to Allah: Is if lawful for you and not lawful for me? He said: Yes, you doubt and I do not doubt. The Apostle of Allah (PBUH) has forbidden an animal whose ear has been uprooted so much so that its hole appears (outwardly), and an animal whose horn has broken from the root, and an animal which has totally lost the sight of its eye, and an animal which is so thin and weak that it cannot go with the herd, and an animal with a broken leg.