Abu Dawud Book 6, Hadith Number 2288.

Chapter : Not known.

Narated By ‘Aisha, Ummul Mu’minin : Al-Qasim ibn Muhammad and Sulayman ibn Yasar reported: Yahya ibn Sa’id ibn al-‘As divorced the daughter of AbdurRahman ibn al-Hakam absolutely. AbdurRahman shifted her (from there). ‘Aisha sent a message to Marwan ibn al-Hakam who was the governor of Medina, and said to him: Fear Allah, and return the woman to her home. Marwan said (according to Sulayman’s version): AbdurRahman forced me. Marwan said (according to the version of al-Qasim): Did not the case of Fatimah daughter of Qays reach you? ‘Aisha replied: There would be no harm to you if you did not make mention of the tradition of Fatimah. Marwan said: If you think that it was due to some evil (i.e. reason), then it is sufficient for you to see that there is also an evil between the two.