Abu Dawud Book 1, Hadith Number 36.

Chapter : Things with which cleansing after easing oneself is forbidden.

Narated By Ruwayfi’ ibn Thabit : Shayban al-Qatbani reported that Maslamah ibn Mukhallad made Ruwayfi’ ibn Thabit the governor of the lower parts (of Egypt). He added: We travelled with him from Kum Sharik to Alqamah or from Alqamah to Kum Sharik (the narrator doubts) for Alqam.

Ruwayfi’ said: Any one of us would borrow a camel during the lifetime of the Prophet (PBUH) from the other, on condition that he would give him half the booty, and the other half he would retain himself.

Further, one of us received an arrowhead and a feather, and the other an arrow-shaft as a share from the booty.

He then reported: The Apostle of Allah (PBUH) said: You may live for a long time after I am gone, Ruwayfi’, so, tell people that if anyone ties his beard or wears round his neck a string to ward off the evil eye, or cleanses himself with animal dung or bone, Muhammad has nothing to do with him.