Sahih Muslim – Teachings

As mentioned, Imam Muslim started his studies at the very early age of fourteen years. In the year 218 A.H. the atmosphere in Neesaaboor, his birthplace, was of a religious and knowledge type. Neesaaboor had great personalities in this period such as Imam Rahiwe and Imam Zohri. After travelling widely in search of hadith. Imam Muslim was much impressed by the vast knowledge of Imam Bukhari, in the field of hadith and the deep insight he possessed on this subject. He therefore attached himself to Imam Bukhari up to the end of his life. Imam Muslim was also an admirer of another great teacher of hadith, Muhammed bin Yahya al Dhuli. He attended his lectures regularly. He visited Baghdad several times and had the opportunity of delivering lessons there. His last visit to Baghdad was two years before his death.

Imam Muslim apart from attending the lessons of Imam Bukhari regularly, also attended the lectures of Imam Ahmad bin Hambal, Abdullah al Qarri, Qutaiba bin Said, Abdullah bin Maslama and other great Muhadith.

Sheikh Abdul Latief says Imam Tirmidhi and Imam Muslim were followers of the Shafee school of thought, although they were both Mujtahids. Moulana Abdur-Rashid says that Imam Muslim was a Maliki. The fact is what was said by Sheikh Tahir Jazari that Imam Muslim is not a Maliki nor a Hanifi nor a Shafi, but his compilation of the Sahih Muslim shows that he was more inclined towards the Shafee school of thought.

His most noted students are Hatim Razi, Ahrnad bin Salmah, Abu Isa Tinnizi, Abubaker bin Khuzaima and other great scholars.

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