Sahih Bukhari – Special Attributes

Bukhari had one very special attribute which was to put everyone’s happiness before his own. One incident which proves this is when Bukahri’s slave-girl was entering the room in which Bukhari was seated however, approaching the door she stumbled; causing Bukhari to warn, “Be careful as to where you are walking.” The slave-girl replied haughtily “How shall I walk when there is no place?” Upon hearing this Bukhari threw up his hands and cheered, “I have now given you the freedom to walk where you wish as of now you are freed.” Someone later questioned Bukhari if he had reacted out of anger, however, he replied “No, I have just pleased myself with my conduct.”

Bukhari always took notice of all things little which could help him earn the happiness of Allah (SWT). There is one such incident where there was a gathering. A man from within the crowd found a feather within his beard which he threw on the floor. Bukhari followed the mans action and looking around to make sure no-one was looking and then bent in order to pick it up and placed it in his pocket. After leaving the mosque he threw it away aware of the fact that he had just done something in order to help keep the mosque clean.

Bukhari states himself that, “From the time of learning the prohibitions of backbiting till now, I have refrained from such an act.”
There is also one incident when Bukhari was involved in Zohar prayers. After completing his salaah he started to pray his Nafl. On finishing this he turned towards his companions and lifting the bottom of his shirt said, Is there anything inside this?” Suddenly a wasp fell out leaving 17 places which were swelling due to the violent stings of the wasp. One companion asked why the salaah was not discontinued. He replied, “I felt a certain pleasure from my salaah which I was reluctant to let go of.”

His abstinence was also an attribute which was incomparable and undauntless. He had been left a considerable amount of wealth by his father however, due to his generosity he spent it all in the path of Allah so that at the end he had been left with no money forcing him to spend his day on one or two almonds. He never took advantage from the generosity of any king or ruler, although many occasions arose.
The Governor of Bukhara made a special request for Bukhari to make daily visits to his home in order to teach his children. Bukhari declined stating that, “I give greater respect to knowledge rather than to people, for it is they who are in need of the knowledge and it is they who should seek it.”
Upon hearing this the Governor was further annoyed by Bukhari’s answer and made a second request that Bukhari make a special arrangement to teach his children alone without anyone else being present which was also refused by Bukhari. The Governor was infuriated by the second refusal and ordered Bukhari out of Bukhara. The people of Samarqand hearing of this quickly issued an invitation to Imam Bukhari to come to their town. However, there was also a difference of opinion within the people of Samarqand which forced Bukhari to turn towards Khartang.